ActionSA Congratulates President-Elect Joe Biden on his historic victory

On behalf of ActionSA, I would like to congratulate President-Elect Joe Biden, and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris, for their historic election victory today.

The election is not only historic for seeing the first woman – a woman of colour – elected to the Office of Vice President, but for the historic turnout from Americans who went to the polls to cast their vote.

Over 144 million Americans cast their votes in the 2020 Presidential Election, with President-Elect Biden currently holding a 4 million vote margin over President Trump. This demonstrates the power of the often silent majority to take political power into their hands, and hold politicians accountable for their actions.

At a time in South African history when we are seeing an increasing number of voters become disillusioned by the political system and abstaining from voting, the events in the United States of America this week serve as a profound reminder that every single vote matters.

I wish President-Elect Biden all the best for the next four years, and pray that he is able to unite Americans, bridge social divides, and build a more inclusive society.