ActionSA Continues Growth Trajectory on Road to 2024

Yesterday, ActionSA registered the results of its first by-election, this one taking place in Ward 96 in Tshwane. The outcome of the by-election can be read below.

ActionSA’s result was one celebrated by the party, achieving growth from the 6.6% achieved in November 2021 to 22.3% achieved last night. ActionSA was the only political party to achieve growth in this by-election with the DA, VF Plus, EFF and ANC all recording declines. In the process ActionSA went from being the 5 th biggest party in the ward to the 2 nd biggest party, overtaking the ANC, EFF and VF Plus.

Of particular importance to ActionSA, was the achievement support across all residents of the ward, a feature of our party that we celebrate and which continues to set us apart from all other parties. In this regard ActionSA registered 29% in the suburban areas of Doornpoort, we similarly won the Rooiwal Voting District in a predominantly black community.

ActionSA notes communication from the DA in which they continue their amusing tendency of trying to spin declines as successes. The DA went backwards from 53.1% to 44.8% and only a party in its terminal decline could celebrate that as something to be celebrated.

While we are pleased about the growth achieved in this by-election we particularly value the learnings that we take from it. As a, relatively, new political party ActionSA sees these by-elections as opportunities to gauge our progress and to identify areas in which we need to build greater awareness of our party’s offer to South Africans.

ActionSA eagerly awaits the 1 June by-election taking place in Soweto, Johannesburg as a further demonstration of how our party can appeal to all communities. In the November 2021 local government elections, ActionSA registered 21% support across Soweto.

I would like to express my gratitude to the residents of Ward 96 in Tshwane for their confidence in ActionSA and we assure them that we will continue to serve the needs of their communities in Tshwane.