ActionSA Finalises Local Government Election Strategy

The ActionSA Senate, the party’s highest decision-making body, has concluded a 2-day meeting that has finalised its 2021 local government election strategy.

Included in its resolutions are the following:

  • A commitment for ActionSA to reflect the diversity of the South African people and occupy the abandoned centre of South African politics. We commit further to leading an essential dialogue on South Africa about reconciliation, redress and non-racialism.
  • That our campaign works to unify South Africans, of all backgrounds, behind our campaign slogan to ‘Act As One.’
  • Michael Beaumont has been appointed our National Campaign Manager for 2021, bringing his experience in 4 General Elections to the table and surrounded by a team that have much experience.
  • ActionSA will run a campaign underpinned by hope and belief in our country, its people and the real prospect of getting South Africa working.
  • That ActionSA oppose, even in the highest courts of our country if necessary, any effort to postpone the local government elections scheduled for later this year. South Africans cannot be denied the right to remove failed, corrupt, and ineffective governments. Major political parties do not want these elections because of the certain decline they will experience, this is their motivating factor.
  • ActionSA will write to the IEC to ensure that real plans are presented to the public that provide confidence in the IEC’s ability to run safe and credible elections.
  • We will coordinate a regular series of voter registration activities with the IEC to ensure that youth South Africans, in particular, are afforded every opportunity to register to vote.
  • ActionSA will decline to contest any by-elections prior to the 2021 local government elections. Our focus is on running a candidate election process where communities will choose our candidates standing for elections.
  • ActionSA will make announcements in the coming days regarding at least one further municipality which will be contested.

ActionSA is fortunate to have a diverse leadership team that reflects our country, represented by a variety of ages, skills-sets, experiences, and perspectives.

Without question, the strategic outcomes that have flowed from this engagement will position ActionSA to be the political party that unseats failing governments and not another opposition party existing for oppositions sake.

ActionSA offers hope to the millions of South Africans who have given up on the major political parties who continue to demonstrate their unsuitability every day, and the millions who have given up on the political system.

We will reduce crime, redress poverty and inequality, and create an enabling environment for businesses to thrive and for our people to have access to better job opportunities and restore dignity to all South Africans.

This is our offer, and our campaign will deliver this to the doorstep and homes of every South African.