ActionSA Regrets Krugersdorp Passport Fraud Syndicate Bail Outcome

ActionSA regrets the outcome of the bail application hearing of the 27 people accused of allegedly being involved in the passport fraud syndicate that to place at the Krugersdorp Magistrate’s Court today.

The syndicate that includes Pakistani foreign nationals as well as allegedly corrupt South African Home Affairs officials are facing multiple charges of corruption, being in possession of suspected fraudulent documents and contravening the Immigration Act.

Accused number one, a Pakistani foreign national who allegedly entered South Africa illegally and obtained his asylum fraudulently was denied bail for fear of being a possible high flight risk and said asylum status revoked.

The rest of the other 26 suspects were granted R2000 bail each. Their trial date has subsequently been set for 5 July 2022.

ActionSA, while respecting the Court decision to grant the other suspects bail, stands by our previous assertion that all of them should not be granted bail. Illegal immigration related issues have had a negative impact on our society. Xenophobic violence has become a serious problem where civilians have given up on law enforcement’s ability to handle this matter.

We will continue to keep our eye on this case and hope that if found guilty in a court of law, an example will be made of the syndicate because to do otherwise would only serve to further undermine the rule of law and sovereignty of our country.