ActionSA Responds to Second Wave of Covid-19 Infections

Following yesterday’s official announcement that our country has entered a second wave of Covid-19 infections, the leadership of ActionSA has taken a decision to suspend events of the Party until further notice.

Communication has been issued to all structures requesting that all activities and events should be held virtually, where possible, or contact be limited to person to person with preventative measures in place.

There is no denying that the number of Covid-19 infections are rising in a manner that requires swift action. Political parties have an important role to play in this regard in respect of their members and communities.

All indications are that this 2nd wave of infections may be more devastating than the first peak of infections and poses a potentially greater threat to the lives of South Africans.

ActionSA has a responsibility to provide leadership both internally within the organisation and externally to the people of our country.

We take this responsibility very seriously because the life of every South African is valuable.