ActionSA Will Investigate Mamelodi Drownings Independently of Provincial Government

ActionSA notes the appointment of an advocate to investigate the drowning of the two young children at a quarry operated by the Gauteng Department of Road and Transport, in Mamelodi in Tshwane.

This follows shortly on another tragedy where children drowned in Hammanskraal in a roadside drain caused by a contractor to the City of Tshwane’s Roads Department.

While ActionSA has no issue with the advocate appointed to run this investigation, we take issue with the idea that the Department of Roads and Transport should make this appointment. It is the MEC and officials of this Department that need to be held to account for their alleged negligence in these matters. How can they select the investigator?

ActionSA has already announced that it is looking into the drownings that have taken place in both Hammanskraal and Mamelodi. We will continue to do so independently of the Gauteng Provincial Government. When we have our findings ready, we will communicate this to the public, alongside the families of this tragedy, so that those who are accountable are not controlling the findings.

I have visited both of these communities and met with the families. What has taken place is a tragedy and the result of the callous disregard for the safety of children in these communities.

There is no question that those responsible must be held to account and ActionSA is committed to ensuring this takes place.