Gatvol South Africans Must Register to Vote Out the ANC

Today, ActionSA launched our Voter Registration Campaign aimed at empowering the 18.3 million South Africans, who did not vote at the last National Elections to take back their political power and help us fix South Africa.

South Africans are gatvol. They are gatvol of corruption, load-shedding, service delivery failures, rising unemployment, crime, cadre deployment and gross incompetence.

In short, they are gatvol with inaction, and politics that does not serve them, and does not serve South Africa.

The only way to fix South Africa is for the 18.3 million South Africans who did not vote, to stand together to elect an ethical and competent government that will serve the people of our country over the party they represent. This must start by voting out the on the 27th October 2021, and continue with their removal from the Union Buildings in 2024.

Between the 17th and 18th of July 2021, South Africans across the country will have the opportunity to register on the IEC’s voters’ roll and take the first step to reclaiming their political power, and the country they love.

Since 1994, no other voter registration period has ever been more important. It is clear that the present broken system of politics has let all hardworking, ethical and law-abiding South Africans down. Across the country, residents are desperate for change that will better not only their lives but the lives of their loved ones too. For this to happen, every South African must take action by registering to vote.

Fixing South African requires ethical and decisive leadership that implements real measures to investigate corruption and jail those involved; it will require investing every cent of public money into the service delivery priorities of our communities and not the pockets of politicians and their cronies; and it will require a government with a clear plan for making it easier for entrepreneurs to start their own business, stimulate investment in the economy and giving South Africans, particularly the youth, the dignity of work. ActionSA stands ready to deliver all this thing change.

While the change will not happen overnight, it can start immediately if every South African takes action to elect a competent, caring, inclusive and ethical government committed to public service.

As ActionSA, we will not just talk about corruption, unemployment, or service delivery failure, we will act against them. In order to fix South Africa, the era of talk must end, and the era of action must be born.