Heritage Day 2020: A Crossroads for South Africa

ActionSA takes the opportunity to join South Africans in celebrating Heritage Day 2020.

As an organisation we are blessed by our supporters and volunteers reflecting the amazing diversity that is evident in our country.

Heritage Day has increasingly become diminished in its meaning to South Africans because politicians have undermined our unity through diversity.

Through politics of division and fundamental failure to address the legacy of our past, which still haunts us along racial lines, we have moved further away from our destiny as a united and prosperous nation.

ActionSA’s commitment to non-racialism is what we celebrate today. This core and non-negotiable value of our organisation means that every South African is equal in their intrinsic value in our country.

True non-racialism, however, must be seen as an ideal to which we must work. It can only be realised when we have made significant inroads into addressing the oppressive weight of poverty and joblessness and endemic inequality that continues to reflect the legacy of our unjust past.

ActionSA believes that this is a project behind which all South Africans from all backgrounds should unite in order to build the country that we were destined to be.

I will personally begin delivering this message to communities in Soweto today and Atteridgeville over the course of this weekend.

It is my belief that we must see Heritage Day 2020 as a cross roads where we, in our diversity, start casting out the politics of failure of division must be cast out of our country.