Newcastle’s “Alleged Criminal” Mayor Must Step Aside

The elusive Mayor of Newcastle, Cllr Ntuthuko Mhlaba, who is finally due in court following a barrage of charges including theft and assault must step aside. Since his brief appearance on 26 July 2021, he has continued to perform his Mayoral duties, to the detriment of the office that he currently occupies.

The people of Newcastle deserve more than an alleged criminal as their Mayor. Mhlaba is a dishonourable man who cannot continue to outrun the law. He should vacate his office immediately and allow for his criminal case to run its court without undue influence from him, his presence in the Mayoral office, and his political overlords.

If the Mayor respected the dignity of the high office he occupies stepped aside. Mhlaba clearly enjoys the protection of the corrupt ANC power-brokers, who have ensured he remains in office, in spite of the ghastly charges he faces.

South Africans must be vigilant. We must work together to ensure that the rule of law is upheld in our country. Leaders who assume positions must be those who are ethical and who have the best interest of the people at heart.

Committed to providing the people of Newcastle with a viable political alternative, ActionSA Mayoral Candidate, Faizel Cassim, is ready to lead our Newcastle campaign in the upcoming Local Government Elections and ensure that the people of Newcastle never have to deal with a Mayor who has perpetual run-ins with the law.

ActionSA stands ready to provide an alternative to the broken political system that has failed South Africans. We are assembling a team of South Africans committed to public service and not service of political parties, who have the skills, experience, and knowledge to advance South Africa.