President Ramaphosa Must Initiate the Process to Rescind Zuma’s Presidential Perks

The statement released by the Jacob Zuma Foundation this morning confirms that the former President will not be appear at the State Capture Commission of Enquiry in continued defiance of the rule of law in our country.

This emerges just two days after ActionSA confirmed intelligence that Zuma intends to jet out of South Africa on state-funded transport in order to evade his responsibilities. It is worth noting that the statement released by the foundation does not deny this allegation.

The ball has now landed in the court of President Cyril Ramaphosa, who now must demonstrate whether he is truly in charge of the ruling party and by extension as President of South Africa. If Ramaphosa is going to demonstrate true leadership, he will ensure that the state receives the unqualified support to issue a warrant of arrest, execute that arrest and hold Jacob Zuma to account.

Beyond this, President Ramaphosa should instruct his parliamentary caucus to initiate an application to rescind all benefits that Zuma and his family continue to enjoy at the taxpayers’ expense. Zuma cannot enjoy the provision of flights, vehicles, state pension, VIP protection and many others, while spitting on the Constitution by his actions.

This is now a definitive moment for President Ramaphosa. He must demonstrate real leadership that shows the world that South Africa is not a banana republic where laws are selectively followed by political leaders as and when it suits them. Should anything other than the most decisive form of action follows Zuma’s defiance, Ramaphosa will demonstrate to the nation and the world that not only is he not in charge of our country, but he is in fact not even in charge of his own party.

Central to the notion of the rule of law is that all are equal before the law; this includes former heads of state. Unfortunately, it has become a notion that has been tarnished in our country through the corrupt actions of politicians being met with the inaction of our law enforcement agencies.

If Zuma is allowed once again to exist above the law, it is a clear demonstration that the country moving from the era of Zuma to Ramaphosa resulted in very little being done to restore the rule of law in our country.

The real question then remains: will Zuma’s plans to jet out of South Africa to avoid any legal action being taken against him be realised, or will the state act to prevent that? Given that such travel would be courtesy of the taxpayers of South Africa, ActionSA reiterates the need for Zuma to surrender his passport and forfeit his presidential benefits.

To that end, ActionSA demands that the rule of law be upheld without any delay or reticence.