SA Jobs Blood Bath Affirms Need for Something New

Jobs Statistics for the 2nd Quarter of 2020, emerging from StatsSA today, demonstrate the full impact of our government’s implementation of the hardest lockdown in the world.

Over 2 million South Africans have lost gainful employment in 2020, and with it the means to provide for their families and improve their lives.

It is disgraceful that while many close to government have come out of the lockdown as COVID-millionaires, over 2 million more South Africans have come out of it without a job.

Most concerning of all is the lack of a coherent plan to take South Africa out of this depression and provide opportunities and prosperities to South African families.

We believe the launch of ActionSA takes place at a critical time in our country’s history. Now more than ever before South Africans are looking for economic leadership that will put job seekers in South Africa ahead of the tripartite alliance’s political interests.

The failure of political parties to represent sound economic solutions is a major reason why 18.5 million South Africans have opted out of the electoral process.

ActionSA will position itself to provide the solutions, and not just the analysis, for our economy. Above all else South Africa needs action-oriented leadership that:

  1. Generates clear, uncompromised economy direction to the country and the world.
  2. Labour laws that make it easier for businesses to hire South Africans.
  3. Trade Unions being treated as a role player at the table, but not able to veto economic policy.
  4. A revolution of our education system to ensure that every child has access to opportunity.
  5. Support for small businesses that creates a nation of employers in tough economic times and not just prospective employees.
  6. Sound financial policies that cut our ties to economic disasters like SAA and other ailing SOEs.
  7. A clear demonstration to the world that we will act against corruption and that every cent of public money will be used to generate economic opportunity for our country.

ActionSA continues to work with South African business owners, big and small, economists, major banks, farmers and farm workers and informal traders to develop our blueprint to ensure every South African who wants to work, does work.