SANDF Deployment – The Correct Decision But Too Late

ActionSA has learnt of the decision to deploy the SANDF in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.

While we support this decision whole-heartedly, having called for this since yesterday, it is maddening that it took so long for President Ramaphosa to provide the requisite leadership on this matter.

The President must now also establish special courts to expeditiously treat these cases of violence and lawlessness.

In Alexandra and parts of the Johannesburg inner city, the loss of life and property has been staggering. The SAPS and JMPD have been overwhelmed and are clearly not able to take control of the situation.

The lawlessness that is taking place in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng is destroying lives and livelihoods. Scenes in clinics in Johannesburg have been described as ‘war-like’ with medical personnel having to triage their patients. The destruction to property has been immense with many businesses having to shutdown permanently.

Why it took President Ramaphosa 24 hours to realise the levels of lawlessness, or the extent to which our law enforcement authorities were overwhelmed, will remain an absolute mystery.

South Africa needs strong leadership, the kind that speaks out and acts on crises of our Constitution and Crises of lawlessness. The cost of indecision has been the unnecessary loss of life and destruction of property.

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