Speaker of Parliament Must Condemn Malema’s Conduct

I have written to the Speaker of Parliament, the Honourable Thandi Modise, demanding that the National Assembly condemn the actions of Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, the dishonourable Julius Malema, following his threat to kill a fellow member of the Pan African Parliament.

In a video recording, Malema can be heard shouting “I will kill you,” whilst pointing at the fellow Member of Parliament (MP) from Mali. This is yet another incident where Malema is involved in a violent altercation.

In a society already grappling with the negative impact of normalised violence, we cannot allow MPs to wantonly threaten the lives of fellow parliamentarians while the house is in session. This is especially the case for the Pan African Parliament, an institution designed to drive cooperation between African countries.

Malema’s threat upon the life of another MP indicates his disregard for our collective respect for the rule of law.

The Speaker of the National Assembly and the political parties in Parliament cannot allow Malema’s deadly threat to go unchecked. To do so would be an endorsement of his behaviour by all those in our Parliament.

South Africans deserve ethical leaders who respect the rule of law and work to better the lives of all citizens. Malema is not that person.

The Speaker of Parliament must show all South Africans that Parliament can be a force of moral authority. Failing to do so will prove, once and for all, that our present politicians do not represent the values of good, peaceful and law-abiding South Africans.