Youth Must Lead in Coming Local Government Election

Today, exactly one month since the unveiling of the ActionSA candidate selection process, the ActionSA Youth Advisory Council urges young South Africans to seize the opportunity to lead in their communities by participating in our Candidate Elections. 

Already, almost 7,000 voters and over 1,100 candidates between the ages of 18 and 35 (approximately38% respectively) have registered on our Candidate Election system in the three metros in Gauteng.

Our Candidate Election system, based on the concept of Direct Democracy, affords young South Africans an unprecedented opportunity to claim their political power, either by running as prospective candidates for their wards, or as voters in our Candidate Elections.

A first for democratic South Africa, our system allows residents to directly elect the candidates (including those hoping to run for mayorships) who they want to represent ActionSA on the ballot paper in the upcoming Local Government Elections. 

Through our Candidate Election system, we are handing power back to ordinary South Africans by giving them the means to stand-up and be counted by availing themselves to represent their communities.

It is no longer just those with political connections and those with dark suits or fancy titles who get to choose who becomes an electoral candidate; ActionSA has handed that power to voters.

For decades, corrupt and out of touch politicians have helped themselves to money meant for services and the economic upliftment of our communities. We cannot allow the corrupt and politically connected to continue stealing from right under our very noses. The time for change has come and our young people must drive that change. 

While the ruling party is preoccupied with playing Nerf war with itself, shooting blanks at the corrupt, and the opposition is seemingly hell-bent on self-destruction, it up to young South Africans to defend the country by fighting for renewed ethical leadership and accountability while presenting innovative solutions to our most pressing community needs. 

If you are a leader in your area, are committed to serving South Africa, believe you can make a positive contribution in your community, please register as a candidate at

Registration will be open for candidates until the 21st of May, and for voters until the 7th of June. The Candidate Elections will take place during the week of 14 June.

We look forward to seeing communities’ youth contest the Local Government Elections later this year, giving real hope for change to residents.