2024 Offers the First Real Opportunity to Remove the Ruling Party and Fix SA

ActionSA wishes all South Africans a happy and prosperous New Year. We trust that 2024 will be a transformative year for South Africa, ushering in a new era of hope as we commemorate three decades of democratic government.

The coming year promises to be a milestone for our country. For the first time in our democratic history, we have a real opportunity to remove the ruling party and replace it with a caring and ethical government that will bring positive change to our nation.

ActionSA is particularly excited about 2024 as we embark on our first national election campaign. Our campaign, launched in December 2023, is grounded in the belief that if all the good, hard-working, and law-abiding South Africans come together, we can and we will be able to fix South Africa.

ActionSA is well underway to achieving this objective, having spent the last three years since our launch building structures in all nine provinces of South Africa. We have consistently shown that we are able to win as much support in suburban areas as we do in townships and rural communities. In every single by-election in which we competed, we managed to grow at the expense of the ruling party.

Moreover, we have developed the most comprehensive policy solutions to the country’s most pressing issues, helping to ensure that when we enter government, we can hit the ground running with practical and implementable policies that will meaningfully improve the lives of our people.

Every day, our activists are on the ground sharing this good of a solutions-based alternative to the political establishment with the people of South Africa. In 2024, it will be up to all South Africans to take the future of this country into their own hands by registering to vote and voting to remove the ruling party from government.