ActionSA believes that the private sector will always be better at creating jobs and economic prosperity than the government. Our municipalities will view the private sector as an equal partner in development. We will create an environment where businesses can thrive and create inclusive economic prosperity for all.

Business-friendly municipalities

  • Business-specific municipal services: our municipalities will have dedicated business support units providing assistance to businesses operating in our
    municipalities. These units will be staffed by cross-functional and professional staff that can provide quick responses to issues preventing businesses from operating at full capacity.
  • Business and investment support: we will establish one-stop shops and online business support mechanisms that allow businesses and potential investors to interact with our municipalities seamlessly. Our municipalities must be competitive investment destinations that can attract new businesses and create jobs.
  • Investment facilitation: we will implement special programmes aimed at attracting and facilitating investments into our municipalities, with a focus on projects
    that create opportunities for local labour and long-term employment.
  • Red tape reform: we will conduct audits to identify, repeal and replace outdated and restrictive by-laws. Municipal processes must assist, not hinder, economic growth and prosperity by eliminating barriers to success.
  • Informal trading: we will overhaul informal trading regulations to make it easier for informal traders to be compliant with municipal rules and by-laws, and so encourage the growth of the informal sector in a well-managed environment.
  • Opportunity Centres: we will establish Opportunity Centres in convenient locations where entrepreneurs and SMMEs will have a single point of access to
    all regulatory services, business support and shared resources in partnership with the private sector and other government agencies.
  • Waste-pickers: we believe waste-picking plays a significant role in job creation and our recycling efforts. We will prioritise the inclusion of waste-pickers
    into the recycling economy while also ensuring that they comply with municipal rules and regulations.

Economic hub development

  • Property release: we will conduct property audits to identify abandoned and hi-jacked buildings and expropriate such buildings for public benefit. The buildings will then be released to the private sector for developing mixed-used developments that include affordable housing and student accommodation.
  • Improvement districts: we will implement improvement districts in priority economic nodes with greater potential for economic growth. We will foster prosperity through better collaboration between communities and the government.
  • Re-purpose government assets for social benefit: we will make underutilised government assets and facilities available to the private sector and
    civil society. Our facilities must serve our residents and add value to their communities.
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