ActionSA and Baloyi Go Separate Ways

Following meetings held between ActionSA President and Bongani Baloyi, it has been mutually agreed that ActionSA and Baloyi will go their separate ways.

While it is evident that irreconcilable differences exist between Baloyi and ActionSA’s national leadership, these issues relate to differences arising from the running of the province. Various media reports over the weekend are noted for conveying a number of inaccuracies.

At the previous meeting on 6 March 2023, Mashaba made the offer to Baloyi for him to take up the mantle of National Spokesperson, a senior national position within ActionSA which is automatically represented on the Senate (ActionSA’s highest decision-making body). Today Baloyi declined this offer.

ActionSA’s interim constitution makes the decision of appointing Provincial Chairpersons the prerogative of the President of the Party until such time as an elective conference is held.

ActionSA’s national leadership thanks Baloyi for his service to ActionSA and wishes him well in his future endeavours.