ActionSA Appalled by Extraordinary Overtime Paid by Polokwane Municipality

ActionSA in Limpopo Province is appalled to learn that an individual worker at Polokwane Municipality scored a hefty R92 000 in overtime in one month. According to sources, this practice is ubiquitous in the municipality. This is a gratuitous abuse of limited ratepayer resources.

We must give credit to opposition parties in the province for exposing this diabolical abuse of public money. At the root of this conduct lies cadre deployment. Any sane municipality in this country and anywhere in the world would be ashamed to pay such huge amounts to workers who are still on an ordinary salary. What kind of overtime work do these workers do in Polokwane to deserve such extraordinary rewards and why could this work not be carried out during the allotted working hours?

We call upon opposition parties in Polokwane Council to continue the good work of exposing this cadre-based abuse of public resources in this Municipality.

Already, this Municipality has earned a reputation as one of the most corrupt and incompetent in Limpopo and in South Africa. ActionSA will continue to put a spotlight on this Municipality even as we remain outside of the system and will intensify our work post-2026 when we will be represented in the Polokwane Council.

We, therefore, conclude by condemning in the strongest terms possible this shameless form of maladministration by an already corrupt and embattled municipality. Our people are not stupid, and we believe that in next year’s general elections, they will reject the failures and corruption of the ruling party.