ActionSA Brings Change to Corinth Primary School in Commemorating Mandela Day

In Commemorating Nelson Mandela International Day, ActionSA has painted the province green by participating in various programmes across KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), that seek to inspire all to act towards changing the world for the better.

We visited Corinth Senior Primary School in uMzimkhulu Local Municipality – which we visited on 15 June 2023 – to tend to the school yard, cut grass and donate a grass cutter and slashers after learning that despite the school previously closing their gates for the whole of 2nd term, the Department of Education (DoE) has failed in the past to tend to the schoolyard.

While pupils have returned to school, making use of the overcrowded mobile classes, the infrastructure of the school building still remains a hazard as the DoE has failed to intervene in this regard.

Unfortunately, while preparing to bring this good act to the learners at the school, we were blocked by members of the African National Congress (ANC) and the ward councillor from entering the school premises, however, due to the unwavering support that we received from parents and members of the School Governing Body (SGB), they fought off ANC members and the programme commenced as planned.

Mandela Day is not one where political parties or members of the public should squabble over bringing acts of kindness to the community, however, it is one where we come together to serve our people, despite our backgrounds, beliefs and political alliance.

We will not allow the ANC to bully us and treat our province as a playground of theirs, where they will dictate and monitor movements of other political parties or create ‘no-go zones’ where we are working towards bettering the lives of others.

Whilst in the Mandela Day spirit, we visited the Xolo family in Maphumulo of ward 4, where the family is celebrating the 105th birthday of their matriarch, who has reached this phenomenal age. It is also worth noting, that Nelson Mandela would be the same age as her if he were alive today.

In the various programmes that the entire province participated in, we are proud to have made an impact in people’s lives, while keeping true to the spirit of Nelson Mandela, who led our country into freedom from the clutches of the Apartheid government.

However, we are now mandated to carry the baton forward and complete the race that Madiba ran, in order to free all South Africans from the clutches of the ANC government.