ActionSA Calls Williams’ Bluff & Waits for Coalition to Meet

ActionSA has taken note of the press conference held by Mayor Randall Williams, along with hollow threats “to consider legal action against ActionSA Leaders.” It is important to note that there is a significant difference between litigating and threatening to litigate when truth is a defence against defamation.

Despite much being said, including many objectively false statements, no answer was given to explain how Williams believes it is legal to direct municipal officials to appoint a particular service provider and he breached the coalition agreement to force the matter onto the council agenda. Every other statement around this matter is of secondary importance.

While the DA wishes to make this matter about inter-party politics between the DA and ActionSA, they fail to note how both the Patriotic Alliance (PA) and Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) issued public statements today condemning the conduct of Williams.

We reiterate our commitment to infrastructure investment and ending the reliance on Eskom as clearly established in our LGE 2021 Manifesto.

Investment cannot come at the expense of subverting the law and due process.

ActionSA has written to the multi-party coalition requesting the earliest possible date for a meeting given the need to address the uncertainty in Tshwane ahead of a scheduled council meeting next week. At this meeting, ActionSA will reiterate our commitment to the coalition in Tshwane but it is our view that Randall Williams is not fit to lead it.