ActionSA Caucus Condemns EFF Councillors who Stormed Tshwane Council Buildings

ActionSA strongly condemns the actions by City of Tshwane EFF councillors who stormed the city’s council buildings and intimidated municipal officials and other councillors.

Their actions is a sad attempt to subvert democracy at a time when processes are underway to replace outgoing mayor Randal Williams.

Williams resigned as Executive Mayor in the City of Tshwane this week, and the speaker of the City of Tshwane council have accepted that his resignation will only come in effect at the end of February.

Regardless of the EFF councillors’ views in this regard, if they are concerned about the processes at play, they should have made use of council proceedings as defined in existing legislation.

ActionSA believes that violence should never be used as a tool when we differ, but that we should make use of platforms such as the city council or other legal avenues to resolve disagreements.

The EFF’s behaviour cannot be seen as norm in a governance building and must be urgently addressed.

We are furthermore concerned about the Tshwane Metropolitan Police Department’s (TMPD) inability to address destructive behaviours at council buildings.

Two councillors were openly accosted by EFF councillors while the TMPD reluctantly came in to their aid. This has also been seen previously during council sittings were the TMPD openly defied an instruction to protect people and property. This cannot be left to continue unattended.

ActionSA is a party that values the rule of law, and we believe that unlawful behaviour – as shown by the EFF councillors – will not aid in South Africa achieving its developmental potential.