ActionSA COJ Caucus Gears-Up to be Constructive and Effective Opposition

ActionSA COJ Caucus is on record confirming that there is no multi-party coalition in the City of Johannesburg. All parties are now individual parties with our own programs of action. Following the ousting of the multi-party government, we are gearing up to be a constructive and effective opposition.

We are happy to report to our residents and voters that ActionSA in the City of Johannesburg has accepted our new reality and adapting to this change. We have started putting measures in place to ensure that we execute our objectives in service of the residents of Johannesburg.

Last week’s Council meeting was the first one where we demonstrated that we are now a party in opposition in our own right. Following unsuccessful attempts to defend Motions of No Confidence against the Chief Whip of Council and Section 79 Chairpersons, ActionSA resolved to submit and lobby for our own councillors to be elected into those vacant positions.

We are very proud of the 4 Councillors who raised their hands to represent ActionSA in last week’s elections. We determined to continue to unapologetically contest every space available in the City of Johannesburg to allow us to keep the promises made to our residents during last year’s Local Government Elections.

Key to our work on the opposition benches will be to ensure the cost-effective expenditure of the R77,3 billion budget for 2022/23 which took effect on 1 July. The current water crisis in the City is an example that demonstrate the need to upgrade, replace or repair our bulk infrastructure.

We will follow up on the motions we have successfully passed in Council that include the motion on the feasibility study on the integration of residents from Eskom to City Power. Furthermore, on an investigation into the housing allocation of the Ward 53 Lufhereng Housing Development in Soweto.