ActionSA Commends South Africans for not Allowing Themselves Be Abused By Unions

South Africans have once again refused to be co-opted into an attempt to disrupt the economy by rejecting calls for an ill-conceived national shutdown. The South African labour force has chosen to stand up for South Africa and its economy instead of participating in the political theatrics of a beleaguered Tripartite Alliance.

Our country’s ailing economy needs robust and innovative solutions to jumpstart it. It needs government to use every tool at its disposal to respond to changing economic conditions, not gangster politics that hold the government hostage and push our economy further into chaos.

Today’s rejection of the call to shutdown the country is evidence that South Africans are reasonable. While we appreciate the plight of many South Africans, their problems won’t be solved by any one of the Tripartite Alliance partners but by removing the ANC in 2024 and forming a coalition government that puts the economy and job creation at the centre of its agenda.

ActionSA applauds workers for seeing this call to action for the political stunt that it is.