ActionSA Concludes Successful Senate Strategic Planning

On Friday ActionSA’s Senate concluded a successful multi-day strategic planning session to take stock of the position of the organisation.

Importantly, the sessions concluded that ActionSA must emerge from the 2024 national and provincial elections as the largest alternative to the ANC and has begun building vote targets within provinces to accomplish this agenda.

The Senate deliberated at length on the state of matters in South Africa and how these challenges manifest in the lived experiences of South Africans. In particular, it was concluded that the recent deterioration in basic services infrastructure has placed water, electricity and sewage at the forefront of challenges facing South Africans and our economy.

Vote modelling and scenario planning have begun to produce an image of coalitions arising from the 2024 elections, placing ActionSA at the centre of coalition governments in as many as 6 provinces as well as at national level.

ActionSA’s Senate placed significant focus on the matter of the development of the party’s national policy suite in the run-up to a policy conference to be convened mid-next year. The policy process will see ActionSA convening professionals, civil society, traditional leaders and other stakeholders to participate in building solutions blueprints to our country’s greatest challenges.

While ActionSA’s policy process will include all key areas, a particular focus on a growing economy that creates jobs in a country where all South Africans enjoy equal access to opportunity. The Senate also concluded that ActionSA must present strong solutions to other key policy areas where South Africans have been failed by the political establishment. These policy areas include; energy stability, basic services infrastructure, the rural economy, the township economy, gender-based violence and policies to redress the socio-economic legacy of our country’s unjust past.

The session took stock of ActionSA’s position and reflected positively on the progress of the party in establishing structures across all 9 provinces. The party remains on track in its mission to establish branches in every one of the 4468 wards in South Africa by the end of next year.

ActionSA has re-doubled its commitment to the work of providing every South African with a strong, diverse and viable alternative to failed ANC governance.