ActionSA Condemns Department of Health for Reckless Disposal of Health Waste

ActionSA is deeply alarmed and condemns, in the strongest terms, the irresponsible dumping of health waste allegedly by the Gauteng Department of Health on open land opposite the FNB Stadium. This flagrant disregard for public health and environmental safety is unacceptable and requires immediate attention and accountability.

ActionSA will engage with the Environment and Infrastructure Services Department, Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department, and PIkitup to address the issue and if possible, issue fines for contravention of bylaws, Illegal dumping, and air pollution.

Additionally, ActionSA will thoroughly investigate the legal implications of the dumping in relation to the Waste Management By-law, 2021, section 24(3). Any person carrying on an activity that generates hazardous, or health care risk must ensure that such waste is disposed of or treated at an appropriately licensed waste disposal facility or waste treatment facility.

ActionSA will report this to the appropriate authorities as stipulated in the Waste Management By-law. This proactive measure ensures that the Department of Health is held accountable for its actions under the prevailing legislation.

In the upcoming Council sitting, we will raise pertinent questions with the Member of the Mayoral Committee (MMC). This initiative is of utmost importance as it aims to foster transparency and accountability, compelling the Executive to address the negligent actions of the Department of Health. ActionSA remains steadfast in its commitment to conducting thorough inquiries at the highest levels, aiming to rectify this significant breach of public trust.

This blatant act not only poses a direct threat to the well-being of our residents but also raises serious questions about the competency and commitment of the Department of Health to safeguarding public health.

ActionSA demands a thorough and transparent investigation into this matter to determine the extent of the environmental and health risks posed by the dumped waste. We call on the Department to provide a detailed account of how this incident occurred, the specific types of waste involved, and the steps being taken to rectify the situation.

Furthermore, Action SA urges the Department to implement immediate corrective measures to ensure that such incidents do not occur again. Proper waste management and disposal are fundamental to maintaining the health and safety of our communities, and any lapses in this regard are inexcusable.

In addition to the investigation, we call on the relevant authorities to hold those responsible accountable for their actions. ActionSA will actively monitor developments in this case and will work tirelessly to ensure that the perpetrators face the consequences of their negligence.

Our party remains committed to advocating for the rights and well-being of all South Africans. ActionSA will not idly stand by as the Department recklessly disposes of health waste and will ensure they are held accountable.

We urge the public to remain vigilant and to report any similar incidents promptly. Together, we can ensure that our communities are safe, and our environment is protected for future generations.