ActionSA Condemns Government Departments’ Failure to Pay Service Providers on Time

ActionSA is deeply concerned to discover that outsourced security and cleaning services providers stationed at various hospitals, clinics, schools and government buildings such as the Ulundi Legislature have not received their payments from numerous government departments.

The inability to pay these providers on time has resulted in significant issues, particularly affecting the livelihoods of many, more especially security personnel who have been notified by their companies that their monthly salaries which are due on the 20th of March 2024, will be delayed until, or before the 31st of March 2024.

Our call is that service providers and government departments need to establish a plan ensuring that if the government fails to pay them, there are designated funds to compensate their employees for the work they have done.

This ensures that those employed by service providers are not affected by the government’s non-payment or other operational issues such as glitches.

This situation raises serious concerns about how these departments managed to exhaust their funds, especially when all sectors are allocated budgets.

Such occurrences highlight the urgent need for a thorough investigation into financial management practices within the affected departments.

Additionally, we call on the MEC for Finance, Hon. Neliswa Peggy Nkonyeni, to provide transparency regarding the financial situation of KZN. It seems apparent that no one is willing to disclose if our province is facing bankruptcy, despite ongoing exhaustion of government funds.

Our belief is that funds may have been embezzled towards election campaigning, leaving government departments without sufficient funds to pay service providers, while there are sufficient funds available for election activities.

Furthermore, this further highlights our longstanding call for the insourcing of all security personnel and cleaning staff within government departments, to avoid such instances.

By insourcing these essential workers, we can reduce the recurrence of such issues and ensure the timely payment of wages to those who serve our government departments.

However, it becomes a significant concern when our government departments and municipalities choose not to heed our calls of insourcing, preferring to exposing people to inhumane working conditions and the stress of not receiving their salaries promptly.

ActionSA remains strong in advocating for the rights of our people. Once in government, prioritising the insourcing of security personnel and cleaning staff will be our top priority.