ActionSA continues the fight for clean, potable water for Hammanskraal

ActionSA intensifies the fight for the residents of Hammanskraal and surroundings whose water woes continue unabated. At the centre of these woes is the failure of the appointed contractor to fulfil its responsibilities.

We have recently learnt that the contractor at Rooiwal Waste Water Treatment has abandoned site. This, in addition to further reductions in the 2022/23 budget for Phase 1 and no budget allocation for Phase 2 of the project.

In April 2021, ActionSA commissioned a Public Inquiry on Hammanskraal water and submitted the findings to the Executive Mayor.

The Executive Mayor’s non-responsiveness to the findings of the inquiry led us to submit a motion at the Council meeting of 31 March 2022. The motion called on the city to investigate the awarding of the Rooiwal Wastewater Treatment Plant tender, following wide reports of alleged corruption in the tender process which was awarded to Edwin Sodi’s Blackhead Consulting.

Council resolved that the Motion be referred to the Office of the Executive Mayor for investigation and that a comprehensive report be submitted to Council within 90 days from 31 March 2022. This deadline is the 30th of June 2022.

ActionSA Tshwane Caucus Leader wrote to the Executive Mayor, Alderman Randall Williams reminding him of the council resolution on the Rooiwal Water Treatment Plant Tender.

We are deeply disappointed to learn that the report will not be tabled as per the Council resolution, without even proving any new timelines of the submission of the Report. This after the Executive Mayor’s grandstanding when we tabled the motion.

While the Executive Mayor cites administrative reasons to this delay, we note the consistent lack of urgency from the mayor to address the issue of Hammanskraal water. As ActionSA, we demand the Executive Mayor to present the Report at the upcoming Council meeting to provide an official update of this Project.

Hammanskraal water has for over 16 years been unfit for human and animal consumption. This has led to water provision using tankers, which added a further financial burden to an already squeezed municipality.

ActionSA wants to see clean and potable water provided to the residents of Hammanskraal and for this to happen the city is required to use qualified service providers, within budget and timeframes.