ActionSA Demands Government Intervention as Devastating Floods Expose Shoddy Work at Siyanqoba RDP Houses

In the aftermath of recent heavy rains, numerous RDP homes in the Siyanqoba area of eMalahleni are grappling with the adverse effects of flooding, rainwater seepage, and substantial damage to their belongings and furniture.

While the broader eMalahleni community celebrates the much-needed precipitation, for those residing in these RDP homes, it represents much distress and struggle. Now faced with the daunting task of salvaging whatever is possible from the water damage, many of these families are left vulnerable and in desperate need of assistance.

We are dismayed by the revelation of a family forced to resort to placing blankets on the floor to prevent water ingress. Desperate for relief, they even went so far as to drill a hole in one of their bedroom walls to allow water to flow into the backyard, alleviating the mounting pressure caused by the surging volumes.

Tragically, this story reflects the neglectful attitude consistently displayed by the eMalahleni Municipality towards its residents. Shockingly, in keeping with this general disregard, the municipality has failed to provide the much-needed assistance to the distressed families. This serves as yet another solemn testament to the total lack of empathy exhibited by the ANC government.

ActionSA strongly urges the Mpumalanga Department of Human Settlements to adhere to the Housing Code of 2009, which stipulates essential programme interventions integral to Housing Assistance in Emergency Housing circumstances.