ActionSA Demands Justice for Family of Bullied Learner Against Homophobic Teacher

ActionSA demands that the teacher responsible for allegedly bullying and making homophobic comments to a now deceased Sibusiso Mbatha be suspended until the investigation has been concluded and a verdict has been reached.

It is alleged that Sibusiso Mbatha took his own life.

The party pays its respects to the family and extends its condolences, support and assistance during this difficult period. We will ensure that justice prevails.

It is important that the Department of Education and law enforcement officials investigate and address this incident, which has led to Sibusiso’s untimely death.

It has been revealed that the 12-year-old took his life after being bullied and verbally attacked by his teacher, who made derogatory and homophobic comments.

It is unfortunate that a teacher responsible for protecting and educating our children has instead used their position of influence to deride young children. Families place great trust in educators to not only teach their children but to also care for them.

This is a complete destruction of trust, and it cannot be overlooked or downplayed. This tragic incident has posed the question: how many other children are unknowingly being bullied and attacked by their teachers and peers without any form of assistance?

Nothing has been done by the government to implement systems at schools that would address bullying and ensure that all children are protected in that environment.

It is a disheartening reality that Sibusiso is not the first and, sadly, not the last to take their lives as a result of bullying.

Schools are meant to be a safe haven for all children. A space for them to be themselves and engage with other children from all walks of life while learning.

We believe that schools should be well managed with staff that are committed to improving the educational outcome for all children, and teachers should be trained to deliver quality education.

However, schools are also meant to focus on aiding children to better express themselves, no matter how different that may be to the next person.

ActionSA maintains that justice should be served, the law should be enforced, and those guilty of causing harm should be prosecuted.