ActionSA Demands Urgent Cooperation for Safe Initiations in the Eastern Cape

ActionSA urgently calls for working cooperation among health bodies, parents, communities, and Ulwaluko custodians. While respecting the cultural significance of the initiation, the alarming fatalities demand immediate action. The over 30 deaths of Ulwaluko initiates in the Eastern Cape this summer season reflect a collective failure, and we urge custodians to eliminate misconduct for the safety of our youth and young boys.

While deeply respecting the cultural traditions surrounding the initiation of young men, the alarming death toll underscores the need for collective responsibility.

It’s crucial to acknowledge successful regions where strict control measures are in place, emphasizing the role of families, communities, and qualified traditional practitioners.

Leading up to this summer season, ActionSA sounded the call with “Mababuye Bephila” (They must return alive) for awareness and engagement.

We call on the health department to ensure that the remainder of this season ensures the safe return of our initiates.