ActionSA Donates Over R2.7 Million of PPE to Fight Covid-19 Across The Country

ActionSA is proud to announce that today we donated various forms of Personal Protective Equipment valued, at the time of purchase, at R2 758 660.4 to iThemba and Lifeline, two Non-Governmental Organisations in Johannesburg and Ekurhuleni who play a crucial role in supporting the people of South Africa through advocacy and direct intervention.

Through this donation, ActionSA is stepping in to help alleviate the public health crisis caused by the upsurge of Covid-19 cases across the country, especially since the detection of the highly contagious Omicron variant. The NGO’s have been chosen because of their large national footprint. We are certain that, through them, these much-needed PPE’s can reach the highest number of South Africans.

It is appalling, and a scathing indictment on the governing ANC that civil society organisations such as ActionSA have had to step in to perform what is essentially the government’s job. At the very beginning of the pandemic, cadres hurriedly registered companies. Their friends in high political offices helped them to loot taxpayer funds meant to purchase these very same products and ensure that South Africans are protected. To date, many of the looters roam our streets as free men and women, some still on the government’s payroll.

As ActionSA, we will continue to play our part in providing lasting solutions to the multiple crises facing South Africa. Where required, we will step in directly in resolving issues, as we have done today. Our beautiful country has a leadership vacuum and we are prepared to do what it takes to provide the necessary leadership.

Whilst today’s was donations of PPE, an essential weapon in the arsenal of fighting against the coronavirus, ActionSA encourages South Africans to vaccinate. We reiterate our encouragement to President Ramaphosa that he ensures a higher investment in public health education as to the safety, efficacy, and benefits of vaccination.

It is a proven scientific fact that people who are vaccinated are at reduced risk of serious illness, which could even lead to hospitalisation, in the event that they contract the coronavirus. Vaccines do not guarantee that people will not contract the coronavirus.

It is due to the President and his government’s own unforced errors that many South Africans have thus far chosen to forego vaccination, thus prolonging the pandemic and delaying South Africa’s return to a semblance of normality.

On a date that will be announced shortly, we will deliver the balance of our PPE stocks to assist and protect more amazing South Africans in the fight against this pandemic. For purposes of today, and in the interests of transparency, we are proud to share that Both iThemba and Lifeline received the following allocation of PPE, for their further distribution;





Actual cost




3 Ply blue and white masks


130 000





R975 000.00


Hand sanitiser 5L






R9 075.00








R62 650.00








R20 585.00


Infrared forehead






R230 015.00


Face shield






R54 565.00


KN95 masks








Filters for masks






R1 155.00


Face masks (cloth)






R23 250.00








R 1 379 330.20



The change we seek to achieve in society is right in our hands. If we act as one, we can fix South Africa and effect the long-lasting change we so desperately need. To defeat Covid-19, and start putting our country back on course we need to work together.

We are encouraged by our historic performance in last month’s elections. It is proof that South Africans indeed want change and are prepared to do what it takes to achieve it. As ActionSA, we will not tire in repaying the faith South Africans have shown in us with advocacy and delivery that changes lives.