ActionSA Extends Deepest Condolences to the Families of the Victims of the Gruesome Gun Violence

ActionSA wishes to extend our deepest commiserations to the families of the butchered patrons who became victims of gun violence while reveling at taverns in Soweto, Katlehong and Pietermaritzburg.

South Africa has degenerated into a lawless country where a daily occurrence of violent crimes has become commonplace. Those who have lost their lives and their affected families could have been spared this tragedy if our government prioritized adherence to the Rule of Law and supported an effective criminal justice system.

ActionSA notes with utmost disappointment and intense disgust the absolute lack of interest by the ANC and their Tripartite Alliance in ensuring adherence to the Rule of Law.

Proliferation of guns has reached an unacceptably high and alarming level in South Africa, with our Firearms Control Act barely addressing the problem due to President of the country having interest in the survival of the ANC over the safety of the South African people.

ActionSA stand firm in the belief that the ANC is responsible for the tragedy that befell those victims and the victims of other crimes that occur daily in this country.

We call upon the authorities within the criminal justice system to act swiftly and urgently in apprehending the perpetrators of these heinous crimes and ensuring that the families of the wounded and the deceased receive closure.