ActionSA Files Court Papers to Allow Motion of No Confidence in Tshwane Speaker

ActionSA filed court papers to allow a motion of no confidence (MoNC) to take place in City of Tshwane against Speaker Mncedi Nzwanana after he dismissed two previous motions against him on frivolous grounds.

Our approach to the courts is premised on the reality that the multi-party coalition in Tshwane will not achieve stability with an ANC/EFF-sponsored Speaker at the helm to facilitate their unlawful power grabs.

As a party which believes in the rule of law, ActionSA also does not believe the speaker should be allowed to misuse rules to shield himself from the democratic accountability principle of a motion of no confidence.

In our court papers, we are asking the court to reject the Speaker’s decision to dismiss the two previous MoNCs against him, and for a MoNC to take place at the next available council sitting which should be presided over by the City Manager. A court date has not yet been set.

ActionSA cannot allow the City of Tshwane Council to disintegrate into chaos and will therefore head to court to ensure that the proper functioning of the council is restored.

Councillor Nzwanana ascended to the seat of Speaker on the back of a dodgy EFF-ANC agreement to vote for small and minority parties in a bid to destabilise coalition governments ahead of the important 2024 national and provincial elections where the ANC is likely to be removed.

ActionSA will continue to place the needs of the residents of Tshwane first and will not allow the ANC and EFF to get away by playing political games. We believe that the courts are the only remaining option, and we look forward to the matter being resolved soon.