ActionSA Fully Behind Tshwane’s Financial Rescue Mission

ActionSA is fully behind Tshwane’s efforts to stabilise the financial standing of the city. On Monday, Tshwane Mayor Cillier Brink, Deputy Mayor Dr Nasiphi Moya and City Manager Johan Mettler outlined plans to improve the financial position of the capital.  

With the debtor’s book of R23 billion, the city plans to collect R6.2 billion over the next 6 months by bringing back the #Tshwaneyatima campaign. This campaign will see accelerated revenue collection efforts targeting the top 1500 large debtors.

Further to this the city plans on reducing expenditure by R1 billion each month for the next 6 months. This will be achieved through reducing bulk expenses, ensuring that all customers receive their billing and resolving billing disputes speedily.

ActionSA notes the disruption in the revenue collection plans caused by the municipal strike late last year. During this labour dispute it was ActionSA that petitioned both parties to commit to a negotiated solution that puts residents first.  

We did this to avoid the consequences of a prolonged dispute on service delivery.  

ActionSA believes the plans outlined today are ambitious yet achievable. We will continue to support this government’s financial recovery plans because it is only though revenue generation that the city will be able to continue to drive service delivery.  

The work of fixing South Africa starts at home with our local governments. Functional municipalities are the foundation of a prosperous state; to get South Africa on the right track again, we must start by fixing the basics of service delivery at municipal level.