ActionSA Gauteng Chairperson Funzi Ngobeni Steps Back from Johannesburg Caucus to Focus on 2024 Elections

ActionSA Gauteng Provincial Chairperson, Funzi Ngobeni, will resign as the City of Johannesburg ActionSA Caucus Leader and councillor, effective on the 31st of July 2023, to focus on our 2024 election campaign to unseat the ANC in Gauteng and fix the province.

Gauteng is an extremely important province for ActionSA in the 2024 elections where we are set to dramatically increase support, and it is therefore imperative that Ngobeni focus his attention on setting up structures and campaigning to remove the ANC.

While I was Executive Mayor of the City of Johannesburg, I worked closely with Ngobeni who was both Member of the Mayoral Committee (MMC) for Finance, and Leader of Executive Business in council. In 2019, he also became one of the first members of the People’s Dialogue where he helped consult millions of South Africans before we launched ActionSA. He served with distinction during his time as National Director of Operations after the formation of ActionSA.

ActionSA thanks Ngobeni for the hard work he has done as Caucus Leader, helping set up systems to ensure the efficient functioning of the caucus and keeping the ANC-EFF coalition accountable for their failures.

As a former MMC Transport, Ngobeni has also started the hard work of fixing Johannesburg by expediting the Rollout of Phase 1CA ReaVaya; refurbishing over 100 buses and together with MMC Economic Development; and putting structures to begin negotiations for the Johannesburg International Transport Interchange (JITI) operationalisation, among other things.

Elections for a new ActionSA City of Johannesburg Caucus Leader will take place within the coming week to ensure a smooth transition of caucus leadership.

ActionSA wishes Ngobeni well on his task to help increase our support in Gauteng and remove the ANC in the 2024 elections. Next year’s elections will be the most important election in South Africa’s young democracy, and we look forward to working with Ngobeni to mobilise people to vote to fix the country.