ActionSA Growth Central to Collapse of ANC in Soweto

ActionSA emerged from the by-election as the party registering the greatest growth result, with the exception of an independent candidate.

Increasing from 12.7% to 21.8% is a result that stakes ActionSA’s claim as the party that can challenge the ANC by winning across their support in sufficient numbers to challenge their political monopoly. This is a vital achievement in the effort to provide South Africans with hope that the political establishment has not previously provided.

*The above table compares ward ballot results from yesterday’s by-election to the 2021 November elections.

This result also demonstrates how the ANC is collapsing. The ANC’s support in Soweto has gone from 89%, at its high-water mark, not to 31% in yesterday’s by-election. While ActionSA does not stand alone in driving this collapse, the truth is that places like Soweto no longer offer the ANC the protection of guaranteed support and will begin to drive their removal from power in 2024.

This result does not take place in a vacuum. Less than a month ago, ActionSA contested Ward 96 in Tshwane in a rural community in the north of Pretoria where ActionSA recorded an increase from 6% to 22%. It is precisely this feature of ActionSA, the ability to draw support across all communities and build a multi-racial support base, that sets us apart from other political parties in South Africa.

*The below table compares ward 96, Tshwane by-election to the 2021 November elections.