ActionSA hands over memorandum at Jabulani Police Station over drug abuse in Soweto

ActionSA today handed over a memorandum of demand to the Jabulani Police Station, Soweto, demanding action over drug abuse in the community, and the unlawful arrest of a whistle-blower in the community.

For too long our communities have been left defenceless to the scourge of drug abuse while our political leaders stand by and do nothing.

ActionSA, a party committed to the rule of law, is dedicated to fighting drugs and restoring safety in our communities.

Alongside National Director for Operations, John Moodey, Gauteng Provincial Chairperson, Funzi Ngobeni, Johannesburg Regional Chairperson, Emma More, and ActionSA activists, I marched to the Jabulani Police Station after a senior citizen Zodwa Nhlabathi was arrested for raising alarm about drug abuse.

Despite a pending case by Nhlabathi to have the culprits selling drugs arrested, she was arrested after the culprits laid charges of harassment against Nhlabathi.

At the Jabulani Police Station, ActionSA asked that Police improve police visibility, arrest drug dealers selling drugs in broad daylight and investigate police officers who are in cahoots with drug dealers.

ActionSA stands firm against any form of drug abuse as our families have been traumatised by the scourge. No country can thrive while criminals are able to operate freely, and ActionSA is committed to turning this situation around.