ActionSA helps former security guards investigate alleged B-BBEE fronting practices at G4S

ActionSA has assisted over 200 former security guards to get the South African Police Service (SAPS) to investigate alleged B-BBEE fronting practices at G4S after their previous attempts have failed.

As a party committed to social justice, ActionSA believes that the legitimate concerns of former security guards that G4S possibly falsified its B-BBEE status by making use of a staff share trust should urgently be investigated and officials should be held accountable.

G4S has been making headlines for being the security company in charge of the prison where Thabo Bester recently escaped. No company should get away with breaking the law in South Africa for corporate gain.

Alongside some of the security guards and ActionSA activists, I visited the SAPS Headquarters in Tshwane on this morning to request that the police investigate the matter and give the support to the former security guards they deserve.

The security guards alleged that after they raised concerns about possibly B-BBEE fronting by G4S, they were threatened and dismissed by the company.

ActionSA stands by the rule of law and will therefore continue to support the former security guards to ensure that the truth is revealed and that those guilty of breaking the law are held to account.

ActionSA is deeply disappointed by the B-BEEE Commission’s failure to provide assistance to these employees when it is their legal mandate to do so. We are hopeful that the truth will eventually come out when this matter is ventilated in our courts.

We are speaking to our legal team to determine what other steps can be taken to assist the former security guards in this regard.

No country can create jobs and improve the lives of its people when lawlessness is allowed to flourish, and that is why ActionSA believes private companies should also be forced to operate within the confines of the law.