ActionSA is the only Party that can Fix Northern Cape

Good morning, goeie more, dumelang.

Esteemed Guests,

Members of the media,

South Africans, and People of the Northern Cape in particular,

Ladies and gentlemen, our President of ActionSA, Mr Herman Mashaba, colleagues, welcome to this press conference.

Today, I stand before you, not just as a political leader, but as a fellow member of this progressive party called ActionSA. This is one of the fastest growing political parties in South Africa and in the Northern Cape Province.

ActionSA is fast becoming a home for many disillusioned voters in the province. Of the 33 wards in the Sol Plaatje Municipality, Kimberley, 26 branches have already launched and recently, we launched branches in Kuruman, a rural area.

Since my appointment to ActionSA in September 2022, I, together with my esteemed team, have grown our Provincial membership from a base of 0 to 6919. In addition to this we have:

  • 25 branches with 25 ready to launch in the next month;
  • 13 more are in the pipeline; and
  • 4435 ActionSA supporters.

Our reach and influence is felt far and wide in my beloved province as we have a footprint in Matoro, Mokalanoga, Tsineng, Gasese and many others. The list carries on. – These are deep rural areas which politicians never visit due to the absence of roads and other infrastructure.

Voters have politically migrated to ActionSA as the only beacon of hope to achieve socio-economic transformation for all including those often residing in rural areas who are often overlooked.

My fellow Actioners, I do not take this nomination lightly and I am deeply humbled. In continuing to build the party in the Northern Cape I will be guided by the foundational principles ActionSA is founded on.

These are principles of: commitment and accountability to public service; insistence on excellence in service delivery; a zero tolerance for corruption, a solutions-orientated approach to communicating our offer to our people and to unite all South Africans.

As a lifelong resident of the Northern Cape, I have a deep understanding of the unique challenges our province faces. Ranging from economic development and unemployment to tackling corruption and addressing crime.

I am committed to finding innovative solutions that will address these issues and improve the quality of life for all residents.

Innovation is at the heart of my approach. I believe that by embracing new ideas and technologies, we can ensure the highest level of service delivery across all sectors.

Furthermore, my excellent communication skills have allowed me to build strong relationships with stakeholders at all levels, fostering a collaborative approach to problem-solving.

I believe a vision that respects diversity and promotes development is required to lead a sparsely populated and multicultural province such as the Northern Cape.

My hope is to bring this vision to life and to lead the Northern Cape Province to a better future. This can be achieved by introducing ethical leadership and encouraging excellent governance which ensures the delivery of services to all people.

My vision for our future is not one that is shaped in isolation but one that is crafted through collective aspirations and shared values. It is a vision that encapsulates the hopes and dreams of each member of this diverse province, ensuring that no voice goes unheard, and no individual is left behind.

My commitment to fostering a culture of growth and prosperity within our community remains unwavering.

I stand here today, not to ask for blind allegiance but rather that you put your faith in a party that is more than just talk but as our name insinuates one that takes ACTION. We have walked alongside you, shoulder to shoulder and will continue to do so until the ruins of the last three decades have been undone.

With your support South Africa, I am more than confident that together, we can build a future that meets not only our needs but paves the way for generations to come especially in provinces such as the Northern Cape which require dedication to achieve its true potential.

However, there are certain challenges that need to be nibbed before this can be accomplished. The difficulties in the Northern Cape are that its birth rate has declined consistently since 2011 and is the least populated in the country.

This in turn means a loss in young people, who can contribute to the economic prosperity of the province. – Despite this, ActionSA in the Northern Cape is committed to creating sustainable employment for the youth.

One of the ways we are going to achieve this is by killing two birds with one stone. We will create schools which offer the youth the relevant skills and knowledge which would boost employment throughout the Northern Cape.

Due to the issue of food insecurity, which according to a Stats SA report from 2017, only 20.5% of the households in the Northern Cape are food insecure, which is above the national average of 15.8%.

The province has five (5) regions and as ActionSA we advocate that each region be capacitated with an agricultural school to protect food security.

I would ensure that under my leadership as Premier, we invest in agricultural colleges and skills to effectively utilise the vast and available land as the province occupies 30% of the landmass in the country –

Additionally, ActionSA will ensure that agricultural colleges are properly funded and resourced to address the imbalances created by the current government –

Another factor we would tackle is corruption which is a serious challenge in the Northern Cape. Despite high-profile government employees having been held accountable, millions of Rands remain unaccounted for. Worse, residents blame them for the poor service delivery in both local and provincial government departments.

So much work has to be done to make Northern Cape a prosperous province which has so much hidden potential.

This includes also addressing challenges of accountability, transparency, and return on investment for national/provincial interventions. These challenges require strategic leadership and innovative solutions to improve the quality of life for residents of the Northern Cape Province.

A strong political will must transcend to turn the tables around to the betterment of all the people. A will that ActionSA possesses to ensure the human rights of the forgotten communities are returned and maintained, and that everyone’s quality of living improves.

ActionSA is in the business of capturing all voters, far and wide including those who have lost their political urge to vote due to years of empty promises as many continue to live in worrisome conditions.

In closing, allow me to boldly say that ActionSA is motivated by a vision of a Northern Cape where every resident has access to opportunities, where our economy is robust and inclusive, and where clean governance delivers for all. With your support, I believe we can make this vision a reality.

Thank you.

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