ActionSA Joburg Caucus Expresses Full Confidence in MMC Nkuli Mbundu

In the wake of interference complaints laid against the MMC for Economic Development Cllr Nkuli Mbundu by the ANC, ActionSA Joburg Caucus expresses its full confidence in Cllr Mbundu.

After careful consideration of the essence of the allegations levelled against Cllr Mbundu, it is our position that his actions do not amount to interference or contravention of any set of regulations.

As a political head of the economic development department, Cllr Mbundu must take steps to crack down on corruption and avoid fruitless and wasteful expenditure for the City.

It is a going concern in our municipality as well as others alike throughout Gauteng, as per the recently released Auditor General’s Report that corruption further takes away from the limited resources meant to improve the lives of our residents.

This must stop.

To that end, ActionSA will always applaud and support courageous efforts by our public representatives to fight corruption and stop it dead in its tracks. Our primary concern is to ensure that the residents of our beloved City receive the services due to them and with good value without having to pay more than they need to.

It is unfortunate that political parties such as the ANC deem it fit to play politics instead of aiding in the process to rebuild our City. Instead, find it a better use of their time to embark on a political witch-hunt aimed at hindering MMC Mbundu’s efforts.

We stand firm that processes currently underway in the Speaker’s Office will exonerate the MMC