ActionSA Joburg Region Demands Immediate Restoration of Power and Halting of Loadshedding in Roodepoort, Ward 97

ActionSA Joburg Region is deeply concerned about the ongoing power outages and load-shedding affecting residents and businesses in Roodepoort, particularly in Ward 97.  

Due to the lack of progress, ActionSA has resolved to table a motion at the next Council sitting to formally request an application to Eskom for a temporary exemption from load-shedding in Roodepoort and to establish a clear timeline for the upgrading and repair of the infrastructure in Roodepoort, specifically in Ward 97.

We also call on City Power to formalise an action plan to fast-track the upgrading and repair of the infrastructure in Ward 97 and additionally, request that City Power escalate this issue to Eskom for a temporary exemption from load-shedding, until the necessary upgrades and repairs are completed.

Despite numerous escalations and requests to City Power, including formal requests to the General Manager, Mr. Sibusiso Xulu, and the MMC for EISD, Cllr. Jack Sekwaila, there has been a lack of concrete action and feedback on a plan to address the issues in Ward 97.

The situation has reached a critical point where residents and businesses are facing not only financial strain but also serious threats to their safety and mental well-being. The constant interruptions to the power supply, coupled with the lack of timely repairs and upgrades to the infrastructure, are unacceptable and must be addressed urgently.

Residents have been subjected to blackouts ranging from 4 hours to 14 days due to the deteriorating infrastructure.

ActionSA believes that the repair and enhancement of crucial infrastructure—such as water systems, electricity, roads, and communication networks—is crucial for stimulating economic growth and enhancing the quality of life for all residents. Resolving the energy crisis and halting load-shedding should be prioritized, with a focus on sustainable solutions that avoid harm to future generations.

An ActionSA government will:

– Eliminate Eskom’s monopoly in the electricity market by allowing Independent Power Producers (IPPs) to produce electricity.

– Ensure all emergency supply contracts are subject to financial and environmental feasibility studies but streamline such studies to avoid unreasonable delays.

– Implement priority corruption identification and prevention measures in the energy supply chain.

– Ensure hospitals, clinics, fire stations, and police stations are protected against loadshedding to avoid interruptions to critical service delivery.

ActionSA remains committed to advocating for the rights and needs of the residents and businesses in Roodepoort and will continue to steer for urgent action to address the current challenges.