ActionSA Launches First Leg of Nationwide Border Tour to Highlight Decaying Borders

ActionSA has today launched the first leg of its Nationwide Border Tour, starting with the country’s Northern Borders with Zimbabwe, to highlight how the ruling party has allowed the continued decay of the country’s borders leading to porous fences and dysfunctional border posts.

Tomorrow I will be visiting Beitbridge Border Post in Limpopo which is the epicentre of the ruling party’s dysfunctional border management and in the coming months I look forward to visiting other South African borders to expose the magnitude of this national challenge.

By Home Affairs Minister, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi’s own admission last year, South Africa has porous borders where people are allowed to illegally cross and smuggle goods. Despite millions spent on border fences, they offer little to no protection.

This leaves South Africans vulnerable to challenges including illegal immigration, smuggling of counterfeit goods and drugs, human trafficking, stock theft, poaching and lost trade revenue. Our porous borders are emblematic of the rise in lawlessness in South Africa.

At our inaugural policy conference in September, hundreds of delegates ActionSA’s policy proposals that embrace legal immigration for economic growth and prosperity, but when people come to the country they should come here legally and adhere to our laws and procedures.

Immigrants are not to be blamed for South Africa’s porous borders, but the ruling party which has allowed the country’s borders to decay to this extent and for the dysfunction at the Department of Home Affairs.

ActionSA will work tirelessly to expose the continued decay in South Africa’s border operations, and present solutions on how we can fix these border posts to help bring the country on a path to prosperity. South Africa is too important to allow a continued decline into lawlessness, and ActionSA is committed to turning this around.