ActionSA Launches #LetsFixNorthWest Campaign

On the 5th of March 2022, Saturday, Kwena Mangope will officially Launch #LetsFixNorthWest ahead of 2024 National Elections.  Kwena Mangope was officially appointed as the North-West Provincial Chairperson on the 18th of December 2021.

Since the announcement of the Chairperson, it is Strikingly clear that North-West Residents across, are disillusioned of politics, a feeling that has persisted for several years now. Residents have come in numbers in support of ActionSA and have expressed their lack of faith in politics.

It is no secret that, under the current governing leadership, North-West has been in dire and tragic halt. It is Safe to say that, given Much of the work that had already been accomplished in Northwest, all the ANC had to do was to continue from those developments and transform the province further, this however has not been the case.

The Official Launch of #LetsFixNorthWest seeks to restore hope in the residents of the province whilst giving them back their powers to take a position to fix their province. Understandably so, the participation in politics has been very low over the years given the fact that residents feel that their voices are not heard enough.

We now give the Residents the opportunity to fully participate in a political space that allows one to choose who they want to be led by days of dictatorship are over. ActionSA is the only Political Party that has what it takes to restore North-West to its origins.

To this end, we want to extend our Invitation to all residents of North-West to attend this historic day. The launch will be held at the capital City of North-West, Mahikeng. The Chairperson will be Joined by President, Herman Mashaba, and other members of Senate. More details will be shared towards the day of the launch.