ActionSA Launches ‘The Shitty Tour’ of Failed Sewage Infrastructure Across SA

Tomorrow, ActionSA will begin ‘The Shitty Tour’ of failed sewage infrastructure across South Africa.

The sad truth is that an increasing number of communities now experience sewage in their communities, streets and even homes on a daily basis. The end result is the contamination of ground water, the pollution of rivers and coastlines, outbreaks of cholera and the collapse of local tourism. In 2015, 7.4 million tourists visited eThekwini and by 2023 this number has fallen to 800 000.

ActionSA is already in court with the eThekwini Metro since 2022 over the failure of its sewage infrastructure that has polluted communities, rivers and a coastline that was once the choice of tourists domestically and internationally.

‘The Shitty Tour’ as it has been dubbed, aims to stop sugar coating the truth that too many South Africans are having to live amongst their own waste because of government failure.

The tour will begin by examining cases of sewage infrastructure collapse in Cape Town, East London, Makhanda and Welkom that demonstrate different ways in which the failures to address sewage infrastructure is impacting on the lives of South Africans.

At the heart of ActionSA’s plans to address this growing crisis is the need to oversee municipalities who, invariably, have become the greatest cause of this problem. Municipal budgets must contain mandatory minimums in infrastructure renewal, repairs and maintenance and provinces must oversee the return on investment derived from this spend.

The Constitution of our country guarantees every South African the rights to dignity, health, clean water, a clean environment and economic development. The failures of municipalities to manage sewage infrastructure is patently infringing on these rights for more South Africans on a daily basis.

ActionSA will conduct this tour to present practical solutions to solving South Africa’s sewage infrastructure problems and we will do so in an environment where no other party has placed this important issue in the forefront of their agenda.