ActionSA Limpopo Chairperson Announces PEC for Project 2024

In late June this year, here in Polokwane, ActionSA President Herman Mashaba announced my appointment as ActionSA Limpopo Provincial Chairperson to the Nation. It was no doubt a daunting moment for me personally.

With the ANC undefeated in this Limpopo since 1994, it is surely the extremely naïve and politically unschooled who would have taken such responsibility to confront the ANC juggernaut in the northernmost part of this beautiful but highly mismanaged country of ours.

I am today pleased to tell you that my decision was not only correct, but it was also in the best interests of the long-suffering people of Limpopo because ActionSA is not in this game to play second fiddle to any party.

Project 2024 is a strategic decision by ActionSA to take power in Limpopo and in South Africa and liberate the people of our country who after defeating the racist apartheid regime find themselves with another seemingly insurmountable task of defeating the twin evils of corruption and incompetence that the ANC government represents.

It is no longer a matter of debate that the ruling party has brought South Africa to its knees in the 28 years it has been in power. The Eskom energy crisis we are in today is a dramatic manifestation of that fact.

The people of Limpopo and our country at large have had enough. Only a change of government will save this country from imminent collapse. There is no doubt that come 2024, our people will pass their final verdict and usher in a new post-ANC era of our democracy.

In the two and half months that I have been leading the great ActionSA tam in the  Province, we have made progress beyond our wildest dreams. I am pleased to inform you that the daunting task of establishing ActionSA Limpopo Provincial Executive Committee has been successfully completed.

In our wisdom and far-sightedness, we have not confined our regions to the 5 traditional areas of Ga-Sekhukhune, Mopani, Waterberg, Vhembe, and Capricorn. We have instead established 10 regions of ActionSA in Limpopo Province.

To that end and as a demonstration of our growth in the Province, e average 5 branch launches weekly, with now over 15 000 members and 64 branches in Limpopo!

As a predominantly rural province, he majority of our population lives in villages led by traditional leaders. It is for this reason that Kgoshi Letsiri Phaaahla, hounded out of CONTRALESA for joining ActionSA, has accepted the challenging responsibility of being our Provincial Secretary. He brings to our Party the vast experience of leading the most dynamic traditional leadership track record in our country.

The moment is now opportune to talk about our strategic focus in the countdown to the 2024 election. With the virtual collapse of quality education, ActionSA will pay attention to the state of education in our Province.

We will in due course outline our programme of action on how to improve the quality of education in Limpopo.

The third focus area that we will prioritise will be the fight against crime and corruption in Limpopo. Our people are sick and tired of an uncaring government that has allowed crime and corruption to reign supreme in the province. The fact that VBS elements were elected to senior positions in the ruling party’s PEC is a clear indication that the ANC in Limpopo has only paid lip service to cleansing the province of the devil of the VBS.

Alas, we encourage Premier Mathabatha to accede to the demands of his PEC to appoint to the Executive Council VBS suspects like their Deputy Chairperson and Treasurer. With the appointment of the two it will be clear to the voters in Limpopo Province that the ANC puts its corrupt VBS suspects above the people.

It is my honour to announce the following people who will make up our PEC in Limpopo:

  1. Provincial Chairperson: Sello Lediga
  2. Provincial Secretary: Kgoshi Letsiri Phaahla
  3. Provincial Treasurer: Collence Nwandzule
  4. Provincial Campaigns Manager: Victor Mothemela
  5. Communications Manager: Malebo Kobe
  6. Fundraising Chair: Peter Tlouane
  7. Governance Officer: Snowy Kennedy
  8. Ethics & Disciplinary Committee: Chief Nengwekhulu
  9. Sport, Arts and Culture: Natalie de Klerk
  10. Youth Convenor: Derrick Mosoana


  1. Waterberg North
    • Chairperson: Matsobane Masenya
    • Secretary: Rami Maloka
  2. Waterberg South
    • Chairperson: Petrus Aphane
    • Secretary: Simone Grobler-Botes
  3. Vhembe East
    • Chairperson: Florence Ramakuwela
    • Secretary: Thabelo Ravhugoni
  4. Vhembe West
    • Chairperson: Mavhimbi Mashamba
    • Secretary: Basani Kubayi
  5. Mopani South
    • Chairperson: Ephraim Ramaremo
    • Secretary: Tshepo Magoma
  6. Mopani North
    • Chairperson: Muponisi Mathebula
    • Secretary: Skhombiso Mathe
  7. Capricorn South
    • Chairperson: Elphas Mokoena
    • Secretary: Rosina Moabelo
  8. Capricorn North
    • Chairperson: Jackson Maruapula
    • Secretary: vacant
  9. Sekhukhune West
    • Chairperson: Abram Makola
    • Secretary: Alfred Monakedi
  10. Sekhukhune East
    • Chairperson: Kgoshi Maesela
    • Secretary: Vacant