ActionSA Limpopo Lays Blame of Health Crisis at Door of Government Failure to Manage Immigration

On Tuesday, 23 August 2022 ActionSA noted with deep concern social media visuals of Limpopo MEC of Health, Dr Phophi Ramathuba, chiding a bedridden patient allegedly from Zimbabwe.

While we are aware that the Hippocratic Oath taken by doctors and medical personnel and the constitutional guarantee to health pursuant to The Bill of Rights forbids turning any patient away irrespective of nationality or any other criteria, the sentiments expressed by Dr Ramathuba conceal the real tragedy of our country, and indeed, our provinces real problem; the failure of the ANC government to manage borders and implement measures to safeguard the sovereignty of the country, its safety and protection from harm in all forms including the marauding of services meant for citizens.

Nowhere on this earth is it allowed for undocumented illegal immigrants to have unfettered access to the services deemed for citizens such as we have in this country, and to do so without any repercussions as we have currently. Our health system is bursting at the seams with medical supply shortages a living reality for our communities everywhere.

The statements made by MEC Ramathuba are thus just playing to the gallery while her own ruling party continues to subject every South African woman, man and child to this unbearable state of being. Every day pills run out in clinics, hospital beds are taken up while South Africans lie on floors or are turned away, children cannot be immunized regularly, ARVs are whittled away by undocumented and illegal immigrants among other critical shortages while the state watches. We cannot thus appreciate her sentiments as this falls short of admitting her government’s glaring failure to manage and protect our borders and thus, secure services for our people.

ActionSA remains committed to the rule of law and wants to make it clear and known that the problems of immigration management are the preserve of the state that continues to fail our people by doing what its officials and public representatives are solemnly sworn to do and uphold. Thus, any sentiment to victimize a helpless person will never sway us from the hard truth of this failure and must be condemned as petty politicking at the expense of the South African public. The state must enforce the laws without any fear of favour and protect the nation from harm.