ActionSA March to NPA with the families of the Lily mine three

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today, we here with the families to plead for justice for the Lily mine three. I am here as a mother, ashamed to be called a South African today.

The South Africa we loved deserted us, the justice we fought for disserted us today, because we are fighting for the retrieval of Solomon Nyirende, Pretty Nkambule and Yvonne Mnisi

Today we here for the justice of the Lily mine three, but the justice system of this country is failing us,

It’s been years that President Mashaba and his family fighting the brutal ANC government to allow the family to find closure about their loved ones.

This government has never listen to the families, never listen to the courts of this country, instead they ignored the families and talk pass it, with empty promises.

We are here today to say to the NPA, enough is enough, we want just for Pretty, Solomon and Yvonne.

We want the prosecution authority to prioritize the retrieval of the bodies.

We want the NPA to honour the judgment of Mbombela Magistrate Court.

We want the NPA to prosecute the police, government and mining company that led to the collapse of the mine

We want justice for the families.

We want closure for the families.

We want the families to bury their loved ones and move on with their lives

Ladies and Gentlemen, come the 29th of May, the people of South Africa should decide about the future of this country

We want to say to the people of South Africa, the ActionSA governments will prioritized the retrieval of Pretty, Solomon and Yvonne.

We will never wait for the court to tell us, but we will make sure that we find closure to the families.