ActionSA Moves to Fill Joburg Caucus Vacancy

ActionSA Joburg caucus will soon welcome Ms Petunia Moipone Rakosa as a member of the caucus. Ms Rakosa will fill the vacancy that occurred after the dismissal of one of our councillors.

Ms Rakosa comes from Soweto, she served as the constituency campaign manager of 11 wards. She is a seasoned leader with a proven track record as a community activist. She dedicates her activism to the people of Soweto and Joburg at large. Ms Rakosa continues to play a role in organising and leading various ActionSA campaigns in Joburg.

ActionSA is proud of Ms Rakosa for making herself available to take up this responsibility. We have submitted her name to the IEC and she will be sworn in on Friday 9th of September 2022.

The speed with which this replacement has been carried out is indicative of our commitment to ensure that service delivery is not delayed. We welcome Ms Rakosa and wish her well in the execution of her duties.