ActionSA North West Calls on Orkney Magistrates Court to Deny Bail to ANC Councillor Tebogo Sepale

ActionSA calls on the Orkney Magistrates Court to deny bail to ANC Councillor, Tebogo Sepale, when he appears in court on May 17 for his bail application.

Sepale appeared in court on Tuesday where he is facing 11 charges which include two of statutory rape, sexual violation of a child, manufacturing child porn, rape and sexual intimidation.

Videos of Sepale having sexual relations allegedly with minor boys (aged 15) went viral on social media platforms recently.

He is also being investigated for a separate case of crimen injuria for allegedly sharing intimate pictures of himself and someone else on social media platforms.

Sepale is a well-known religious leader and a public figure in his community and if released on bail, he is likely to intimidate the victims or their families.

South Africa has one of the highest rape statistics in the world and it is grotesque to see a leader taking advantage of minors and being bold enough to even record his evil deeds.

An example has to be made of Sepale that rape is an abuse and will never be tolerated.

ActionSA will continue to support the victims and their families in court while following this case closely to ensure that justice is served.