ActionSA North-West Structures Show Exponential Growth

ActionSA presence in the North-West Province shows exponential growth. Municipalities in the North-West are ranked among the worst performing local municipalities in the country with most having reached a stage of total collapse. 

To this end, residents across the Province are seeking an alternative political party offering designed to be more responsive, with a commitment to ethical leadership and good governance. ActionSA is poised to take up that space.

After having only launched in March this year, the North-West has to date already launched 29 branches with approximately 650 volunteers as our ground forces.

We are infinitely grateful to all the villagers and residents of the Province who have come out in their numbers to support our work towards fixing North-West coming from persuasions across the political spectrum.

Among the issues raised by almost every community in our Province include the impact of uncontrolled and illegal immigration causing a strain on the already resource-strapped municipalities in the North-West; high levels of unemployment and subsequent associated crimes; abuse of alcohol and other drugs, particularly among the youth; lack of adequate recreational facilities, roads, water, and sanitation infrastructure.

This Saturday, 23 July 2022 at 10h00, we will be launching another branch in Segwaelane in Madibeng Municipality.

The people of North-West can expect more super branch launches in the coming weeks and months. ActionSA 2024 Campaign has begun, and we are readying ourselves to provide the kind of leadership that the people of our Platinum Province deserve.